We will be a partner that adopts a serious stance to clients' problems. Our joint approach with various touch points will provide suitable solutions for clients' achievement.


    We will be aware of the customer-insight, needs and world trends so that we provide effective measures by combining realities such as stores, events, exhibitions, digital such as social media, web media and videos.


    We have a system in place to adjust all digital field such as creativity, ad operations and execution support, website design. Our comprehensive digital solutions enable us to attract our clients through digital communication.


    We propose an optimum creativity to resolve clients' problems through our originality. For the purpose of planning functions for various representatives, we use movie, graphic, digital and other communication modes.


    Through our existing connections, we increase Public Relations capacity so that it exceeds the limit of publicity. We communicate with the public and cause a change in mindset of people so that we contribute to the business branding on behalf of the client.


    Through our various connections and networks all over the world and cooperation with media contents holders, we provide influential and instrumental publications featuring sports. We maximize communication effect and impact on client's behalf.


    We have partners in each media so that we can manage the issue of any kinds of media. We provide the best media planning for solving clients' problems considering what is most suitable for their age.

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    We facilitate between Japanese players and domestic or foreign clubs, by primarily supporting the pursuit of foreign players and incorporating them into existing domestic clubs. This makes full use of human network throughout Japan, Europe, South America and Asia. Interpretation and mediation support is given to both the players and coaches/trainers where necessary.


    We provide supportive media strategy, and branding for TV/event appearances, publications and sponsorship to players for the purpose of value ascent. Upon retirement, we also support these producing players by giving them a second career.


    We provide consultancy services to players, coaches, sport clubs and educational institutions. We also provide strategic support on the following aspects.
    ・Player data analysis
    ・Update the European newest knowledge to coaches.
    ・Marketing in sport clubs.
    ・Management agent service.


    We provide life support to various aspects pertaining and relating to an athlete's life, such as nutrition education, real estate, asset management, tax and other relevant issues. Our primary target and priority is to elevate the athletes' ability as well as enrich their future career.


    We provide planning, production, organize, management and intermediation services of sport competitions, performances and other events. We provide the relevant information to suit the individual characteristic and needs of the clients so that we enhance their values by improvement and problem resolve.

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    We coordinate tours, training, and travel for domestic and foreign sport teams or organizations. This is done by making use of various networks within Japan, Europe, South America and Asia. We will be a linkage bridge across Japan and the world and create a new VALUE=EXPERIENCE.


    To facilitate effective communication, we provide Interlingua translation for languages such as English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese. Our international translation services provide an international negotiation agency platform for clients with a vision to embark into the global business arena.


    Upon arrival our guests from abroad are guaranteed local guided support to ensure that they have a comfortable, secure and fruitful stay in Japan. At the time when a company or sport club visits Japan or other countries, we provide a local guide and coordinate necessary support so that our clients will be able to spend a comfortable and pleasant time.

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